Schistosoma mansoni

Physiology and Structure

Resides in small branches of the inferior mesenteric vein near the lower colon.

The eggs are oval in shape and posses a sharp lateral spine.





Schistosoma mansoni egg




Clinical Syndromes

  •  Worms in the lungs may produce cough and upon reaching the liver, hepatitis may appear.
  • Flukes take up residence in the vessels and begin laying eggs. Upon doing so, fever, malaise and abdominal pain and tenderness of the liver may be observed.
  • Severe neurologic problems may follow when eggs are deposited in the spinal cord and brain.



Life Cycle:




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 Treatment, Prevention and Control

  • Antihelminthic therapy may terminate oviposition (egg laying) but it does not afftect lesions caused by eggs which are already deposited in tissue.
  • Improved sanitation and control of human fecel deposits are critical in ensuring that the infection does not spread.