Cryptosporidium parvum


Cryptosporidium parvum

  • It is found in calves and also in human.
  • It is water borne pathogen.
  • Transmitted from fecally contaminated food and water.

Immunofluorescence image of C. parvum oocysts.


For immunocompetent patients:

-          Frequent, watery diarrhea

-          Nausea

-          Vomiting

-          Abdominal cramp

-          Low grade fever

For immunocompromised patients:

-          Debilitating, cholera-like diarrhea

-          Severe abdominal cramp

-          Malaise

-          Low grade fever

-          Weight loss

-          Anorexia


-          No safe and effective treatment has been successfully developed.

-          Oral and intravenous rehydration and replacement of electrolytes may be necessary for voluminous, watery diarrhea.