Trypanosoma brucei brucei


Trypanosoma brucei brucei

  • It is found in the gut of tsetse fly.
  • They are found commonly in Africa.



Image:Trypanosomatid Cellular Forms.png




-          Headache

-          Weakness

-          Joint pain in initial stage

-          Anemia

-          Cardio vascular problems

-          Kidney disorder as it progresses

-          Extreme exhaustion and fatigue in the day

-          Insomnia in the night

-          Coma

-          Ultimately, death

Treatments and preventions

-          To date, it has no vaccine available to treat trypanosomiasis.

-          Test can be done to detect presence of parasites.

-          Anti- trypanosomal agents such as suramin, eflornithine, pentamidine are several drugs that contain arsenic which are effective treatment.

-          However, it is not recommended as it has significant potential side effects.

-          Patients that are taking these medications require close monitoring.